Thursday, 10 March 2011

MovieBar in March...

So I refrained from writing a drunken blog-post immediately after the event this time around and took a few days to reflect on it. I have done reflecting. I have decided that it went really well!

It wasn't perfect. There were still a couple of sound problems and there were a few non-
MovieBar people in the pub who insisted on talking throughout the first film until Andrea managed to scare them away. For my part I'm still not great at talking to a room full of people and especially at getting everyone's attention after a break, but these are things I've never really had to do before so I'm still getting used to it. I was again pretty nervous when we started but I was definitely better than last time and managed to actually have coherent conversations with people in between films.

Aside from those minor problems it was fine. The Q&As went really well and the films got a good response from the audience. Loads of people turned up - I was
really worried at the beginning because I'd had a flurry of texts and e-mails (when you're worried about people not turning up then three e-mails makes a flurry) from people saying they couldn't make it. Luckily lots of other people did make it and we've got photos to prove it:

If you don't just want to take my word for it Rich
Badley has posted an excellent write-up of the night here.

So now I'm planning April. I have a
MovieBar shelf in my lounge where I keep all the stuff I need to take with me on the night - quiz prizes, pens, my MovieBar hat (essential obviously), and most importantly the films I'm going to be screening (actually the films may not be quite as important as the hat). When I've got a stack of DVDs in that space I'm happy - I know that no matter what happens I at least have films to screen so I can relax for the rest of the month. I feel a little uneasy when that space is empty. So right now I'm looking for films to screen on Monday 4th April. If you have anything you would like to submit please e-mail


Blazing Modesty said...

Perhaps its time for a Jenny Ringo teaser?

Ross said...

Gutted that I missed this mate. Let's chat quiz-wise this weekend.

hels said...

Hats are important. Anyone who disagrees has to eat one. A bad one obviously, a kangol or something...