Sunday, 16 November 2008

Best trailer ever...

So I was making myself angry by watching the Friday 13th remake trailer - can we have a rule whereby if you say in the trailer 'from the director of _____' and _____ happens to be a remake, (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for example) that you have to specify which version you're talking about? For a moment I got excited thinking Tobe Hooper had directed the Friday 13th remake, which wouldn't make it okay but at least would mean that the genre Hooper helped to start is actually getting him a paycheck.

Anyway, I was thinking about how trailers are rubbish and tracked this down from a few years ago (in German for some reason). This is the trailer for The Hills Have Eyes 2. Don't be fooled into watching the film - it's rubbish. But whoever was doing marketing that day was on the ball as I really think this is the best trailer for a film ever put together. In an age when most trailers just tell you the plot from start to finish (usually including twists) I wish there were more like this. Who'd have thought you'd ever hear Devendra Banhart on a horror film trailer?

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