Thursday, 13 November 2008

On the (internet) radio...

Technology permitting I will be appearing on the AMR Movie Show at 9pm tomorrow (Thursday 13th - today technically since it's past midnight):

You can listen to the show live on the website or download it afterwards. I'll post the links tomorrow.

You may remember I was on the show before a while back. It was appearing on this show that spawned the idea for my short-lived podcast. At the time my performance was hindered by a) having not seen any films for ages and b) the fact that there were four of us on the show and I'm not the most chatty person at the best of times.

This time I'm guest co-host and I've seen a whole three of the films in the UK top ten, so hopefully it will be better.

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Pete Regan said...

BUt I'm going to see Less Than Jake so I'll have to downlaod it later. Why am I leavign this comment. Who knows.