Friday, 28 November 2008

Von Trier rant hijinks...

Loads going on at the moment. Not much I can talk about. There is more Ten Dead Men news which I will blog about properly when I get chance and am on a computer that lets me add pictures and stuff. But for now you can check out the details here.

My blog may have to do some time travelling shortly. I drafted an entry about my weekend adventures with Brother Pete, but didn't have time to finish it and it's saved at home. I'm now at work and have blogging withdrawal symptoms. And I've fallen into the trap of thinking if I don't update this every few days I will cease to exist. Or something.

Anyway, just got back from a dubious 'business' trip as part of the day job. Our mission was to pretend we worked in another office in another part of the country (yes I am being vague on purpose) for reasons too convoluted and probably top secret to mention here. So four of us from Brighton took a four hour train journey to the other office, stayed overnight, perfected our best accents, memorised some local knowledge and went ahead with the ruse. Hijinks ensue.

Except hijinks didn't ensue - it was rubbish. Our efforts to mislead were not even tested. But it was one of those moments where real life almost becomes a film. It reminded me of the recent Lars von Trier film The Boss of it All where the manager of a small company can't face telling his employees any bad news so hires an actor to do it for him. Hijinks ensue. It's actually really funny, although suffers from von Trier's usual habit of not filming anything properly so all the framing is off. I have a love/hate relationship with von Trier's films - loved Element of Crime, hated Breaking the Waves, loved The Kingdom, hated Dancer in the Dark, loved Europa, hated Dogville, loved The Five Obstructions, hated The Idiots...although funnily enough The Boss of it All was the first one I didn't have an extreme reaction to. It was just okay.

Special mention must also go to Dear Wendy which von Trier wrote and is ace.

Once again I'm saved from an end to my internet existence by a random film rant.

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