Monday, 3 November 2008

Ten Dead Men USA...

This is very recent news, as in I was sent an e-mail 2 hours ago and no one else seems to have mentioned it yet (by no one else I mean related blogs, not the BBC or imdb or something, although imdb do have some random stories so you never know...), but our Sales Agent has apparently closed a deal with MTI Home Video for DVD and TV rights in USA and Canada. You can check out MTI Home Video here. I had a look through their back-catalog and although most of their films are ones I've never heard of (which for me is quite rare), they did release The Bunker - a not perfect but perfectly reasonable British horror film that I quite enjoyed. They also seem to cram the discs with Special Features which is good, considering we have loads of that stuff (most of which you can see on YouTube). And the main point of this is that assuming all goes well the film will come out on DVD in January/February next year and people will actually get to see it. I will post more news as I get it.

Oh, hang on it has now been officially announced here.

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