Thursday, 29 January 2009

Doug Bradley on AMR...and stuff...

Hellraiser star, horror legend and narrator of Ten Dead Men Doug Bradley will be appearing on the AMR Movie Show tonight at 9pm (GMT). And I'll be on there too. You can listen to it here:

Be warned - it's going to be a long one. I'll post the download link here once it's available.

Some random thoughts while I'm here...

On my daily Ten Dead Men Google search today (What? I get bored! And we might have been nominated for a last minute Oscar without being told!) I came across an odd thing in the forums of various torrent sites - people complaining that the illegal download copy of the film wasn't working. This makes me happy for two reasons - 1) people are having trouble downloading it, which means they may have to go and buy it after all and 2) people want to watch the film so badly they are complaining that they aren't able to do so for free. At the same time, and perhaps I've been brainwashed by those annoying warnings on DVDs (the ones that unintentionally make illegally downloading films seem trendy and rebellious), isn't this a bit like stealing a DVD from a shop and then taking it back to complain that it doesn't work?

Also, the possibility of a UK release has made me wonder what I would do if the film ended up being sold in Poundland. Obviously I'd be very happy about that - I've picked up some excellent films for a pound. The question is, would I buy up a load of copies just so I had my own personal stock, or would I not buy any copies so the many and varied patrons of Poundland would be able to discover the film for themselves? I'm sure the day will come when I have to make that decision.

There's been more IMDB activity, but I promised to stop going on about it after the release so you can check it out for yourself here.

We've also had a really vicious review from a film website. I'm not going to post the link here but if you are interested you can google '10 dead men dvd review'. I stopped reading after the first paragraph, which I think is a positive step forward for me. It was a bit like that moment in Grizzly Man where Werner Herzog is with a friend of the bear guy listening to a tape of him being ripped to shreds, and he tells her not to ever listen to the tape. Except Werner Herzog wasn't telling me not to read the review, that would be too cool, it was just me telling myself. This is progress - I know I should really stop looking for the reviews altogether, but I can't see myself doing that anytime soon. Not reading the really bad ones is a good start.

In more positive news we are #12,544 on the Sales Rank. We were at around #50,000 before the release so I think this is pretty good progress!


Anonymous said...

erm... Yeah. That review is fairly unconvincing in the 'I watched this film expecting "Il Guatopardo" and didn't get what I expected' stakes.
It's kind of nice, in a strange, bare with me here, way: He and a group of mates sat down and watched that film drinking brews and probably smoking. Hopefully two of his friends walked home that night, sat on a bench and drunkenly exalted that movie for all it's merits and lamented how their friends didn't get it... I like to think that they may have drunk some whiskey and got into a fight with an uptight flat-mate about smoking in the front room when they got home... and I like to think that that reviewer spends his lonely evenings writing second-rate subjective reviews for free for several non-paying webzines without any ambition beyond getting his angsty "River run's through it" remake script made by people he thinks are cool contacts but who actually hate his guts.
Shall we look up witty in the dictionary? because you won't find his name associated with any of the definitions.

Chris Regan said...

Thanks for reading it for me - I'm now even more convinced I was right to keep away. I hope he does have those friends - maybe their reviews will turn up next!

reelcitizen said...

Any reviewer that can't even get the lead character's name right in the synopsis isn't what I'd consider 'trustworthy'. Let's look trustworthy up in the dictionary... oh forget it...

Looking forward to the region 2 release, great news!