Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ten Dead Men IMDB User Comment Update

I was going to wrap this up a while ago - I have a lengthy post all drafted up and ready to go, with philosophical musings on the nature of the people who so hate a film they will spend time writing about how much they hate it. But every time I go to post it there are more developments on the imdb page and I'm reminded of the real issue here - the film hasn't been released yet! I'm not completely against people posting their opinions, I'm not overtly attacking people downloading films - it's the cheekiness of the two combined that bothers me. So I've decided that until the official US release date of 27/01/09 I'll continue to provide updates and rally for support on this issue. At that point I will post my final rant on the subject and hopefully say no more about it.

So the scores are currently:

9 positive user comments
2 negative user comments (one of which is perfectly reasonable - see my previous post for my thoughts on what is reasonable and what is not)
2 external reviews
A few spiteful remarks in the forums. I'm not too bothered about these, as long as people ignore them and don't start replying. If The Grin of the Dark taught me anything it's that the internet looneys should be left alone and not encouraged.


Ross said...

actually i've put a few replies. more out of idle curiosity. it's never a battle you can win anyway. it's interesting when other people spring to our defence though. They're all watching the film illegally anyway which is what makes me laugh at all of it.FACT should keep an eye on the forums then swoop in and arrest the "haters". that would be amusing.

Chris Regan said...

What I don't get is if you're watching something for free and you don't like it, stop watching it! That one guy posted four forum posts and wrote a review - must've taken him ages for a film he didn't like. But yeah, it's the cheekiness of being so blatant about having watched the film illegally that really bothers me.

Ironically, I had a look at the some of the torrent sites and we actually get some quite positive comments on those!

Anyway, thought your replies were very diplomatic, especially the one encouraging that guy to make a film.

Ross said...

cheers where are those torrent reviews located? curious to see them