Monday, 12 January 2009

IMDB update, trailers and stuff (I should be working)...

I'm still rewriting the script I was rewriting over Christmas. It's nearly there just needs about 10 pages cutting out. Which is quite difficult.

So to put off tackling that here's some random stuff.

IMDB report - 12 user comments in total, 10 positive, 2 negative. If we can hold that score until the release date I'll be a happy writer.

I got more Dark Room feedback which has boosted my enthusiasm for the project a bit. What that means in terms of actual work I'm not sure.

Meanwhile, Brother Pete posted some cool trailers on request here. Including the trailer for lesser known Donald Westlake adaptation Why Me? And the Puppet Master 2 trailer, which is ace.

John Rackham has an interesting post about what happens when your independent film gets picked up for distribution here.

Amanda Palmer's videos are back online here - excellent.

And speaking of trailers I found one for my first produced short from back in 2004. There's a long, drawn-out story behind how this happened and how I ended up co-writing it, but the end result wasn't bad:

So far 2009 has been 50% actual work and 50% procrastination - good start!


Ross said...

f you mean the Christopher Lambert and Christopher Lloyd film "Why Me?" I actually have that on pre-viewed VHS.

Chris Regan said...

That's the one - Pete has it on VHS too. Not as good as the trailer as far as I remember, but the Lambert/Lloyd team-up is a pretty cool idea.

gerdarcy said...

He also has posted the excellent "timeguardian". One of those films I watched when just a child, and thousands of dreams and strange stories later am only just realising I should have not watched that when eight years old. I count "Maitre du Temp", "La Planet Sauvage", battle beyond the stars" and "Space Pirates" in that lot, traumatising sci-fi wierdness deeply embedded in my subconscious.

Chris Regan said...

I think Time Guardian is also in the 'not as good as the trailer' category. Did he do much actual guarding of time in that film? Puppet Master 2 however is as good as if not better than the trailer.

Battle beyond the stars is ace. I haven't seen Space Pirates for years - I remember really liking that film.