Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Best film ever...

...I'll get to that.

Ten Dead Men was rated 18 by the BBFC for 'very strong language, strong violence and sex' - awesome.

Went to the THEATRE last night to see Waiting for Godot with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, plus bonus Simon Callow (which is about as THEATRE as you can get hence the capitals). Excellent stuff and much funnier than I expected having never read the play. It also has a kind of perfect mix of abstract and straight story-telling - so you can just experience it as a piece of art and see what it does to you, but at the same time there's enough to hold onto in the characters and the dialogue for you to try and make sense of it if you are that way inclined.

I'm not sure I can go from Waiting for Godot to Shark in Venice, but Andrew Skeates who was present for the epic bad film marathon in Bristol the weekend before last has written in depth and very funny reviews of some of those films on his blog.

And speaking of reviews I wrote one for the best film ever, Gun Crazy, for Close-up Film. Okay, best film ever is perhaps too much of a generalisation, but it is genuinely one of my top three favourite films and definitely worth checking out. As you can see I pretty much didn't say anything bad about the film at all, but I think you're allowed that when it's on your top three list. It has recently been re-released by the BFI which I hope means there will be a Region 2 DVD on the way at some point, but until then you can get it on Region 1 import. No trailer, but here's the shortest clip I could find:


Anonymous said...

Put Gun Crazy and Shock Corridor on the list for the summer. Better yet the day after the stag.
It's been a long while since you showed me those excellent excellent films.

Chris Regan said...

That sounds like a plan! I'd forgotten all about Shock Corridor - that's an amazing film!