Monday, 2 March 2009

Burn the mirrors...

...just something I learnt from a film I saw tonight.

Also learnt from another film that you can't dance on someone's grave. Bad things happen when you do.

So it feels like I haven't really stopped since last Monday night, and it's mainly been doing non-writing stuff, which is good but am very aware that's it's March now and my output for 2009 is pretty poor so far. Busy the next few evenings too so that's not likely to change anytime soon, but it's all fun stuff so that's okay - as always if I could afford to sacrifice anything it would be the day job.

Must stop moaning! I realised that when I last didn't post for a while then decided to randomly post something a couple of weeks back for the sake it came out as pretty negative which can't be much fun to read. And despite not having done any writing I did have an excellent weekend in Cardiff with Mr D'Arcy, primarily to see Dead by Dawn - a theatrical reimagining of Evil Dead 1 & 2 that Geraint had helped design, produce and generally add touches of aceness to. It was pure gore-drenched spectacle and very cleverly handled with all the big moments from the films there on stage including a rather excellent Henrietta puppet that got a round of applause from the audience. I wish more theatre had exploding heads and purple vomit.

This was followed by an evening of drinking far too much and me ranting unnecessarily about the Dark Knight until 4.30am, then a day of watching a mixed bunch of films and learning the above lesson about dancing on graves. We also saw the following trailer for a film that can only be amazing. Unfortunately the only version of the trailer I could find is in German with a dodgy soundtrack, but that only makes it more awesome. All you're missing is the crucial information that Warwick Davis plays a character called Plates (who throws plates that kill!) and the weird baby mutant is called Octobaby - surely a film in itself:

More cool stuff - Geraint's fiancee Jeanette has had a story published in issue 2 of New Fairy Tales which you can read here. Jen's story is Jorab the Selfish and, as the magazine's title suggests, is a new and original fairy tale.

Ten Dead Men director Ross is interviewed by Forces of Geek here.

Episode 73 of the AMR Movie Show which I co-hosted last week can be downloaded here. I reviewed Push and was a bit mean about it and vowed afterwards to be a bit nicer in future - after all, I know all too well what it's like to get mean-spirited reviews, although I doubt Paul McGuigan was listening. I now have a bit of a dilemma - I'm doing the show again this week and actually really really disliked the film I'm reviewing, much more than I disliked Push (which probably is an okay film if you're not currently writing a film with a similar premise). I'm really struggling to think of anything good to say about it, except for how much I like the writer's previous work. Luckily there's a guest on so I'll have to make it quick.

I will post about last Wednesday's adventures at some point so that people will know how it went down.

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