Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ten Dead Men UK release details...

So the big exciting thing that happened last Wednesday was meeting Nick and Amir of Brit Films who are distributing Ten Dead Men in the UK. We had some photos taken and did an interview which went well - nice to be interviewed by a third party instead of us interviewing each other like we did for the behind the scenes. It's great to actually have some communication with the people releasing the DVD too, as with the US and other releases it's been completely out of our hands. Brit Films have a posh website at and the announcement about Ten Dead Men is here. I also recommend checking out their podcast which is pretty well produced and quite funny.

I did go off an have other adventures in London that day but it seems like months ago now and luckily other more relevant stuff has appeared that means I won't have to bore you with all that. First off there is a review at Flash Bang: Action Movie Reviews
here. I was saying for ages that if people didn't get the voiceover they wouldn't get the film, whereas those who did get seem to genuinely enjoy the film as a whole. However, there have now been a couple of reviews from people who didn't get the voiceover but still liked the film, which is good to know. This one is notable also for outing Parker and Garrett.

Apologies for turning this into one big fat advert, but the release date for the UK Region 2 DVD is 04/05/09 and you can now pre-order it from
Play and Amazon. Here is the rather spectacular list of special features:

- 30 page graphic novel entitled `Ten Dead Men: The Last Job'

- Commentary #1: Ross & Chris (director & writer), Commentary #2: Ross, Brendan & Phil Hobden

- Music videos: Curvy Cola Bottle by Chico (with Intro by Phil & Ross), Miracle by The Latch (with Intro by Phil & Ross), Adrenaline Rush by Tommy Gunn (with Intro by Phil & Ross)

- Outtakes (5 mins)

- Deleted & Alternative Scenes (5-10)
1. Speedboat Deal (Deleted)
2. Speedboat Kill (Deleted)
3. Ryan Gets Photo (Original Version)
4. Body Delivered and Axel Talks To Ryan (Deleted)
5. Chop Shop Fight (Long Version)
6. Projects Manager Meets Franklin (Original Version)
7. Notting Hill Kill (Deleted)
8. Odeon Kill (Deleted)
9. Parkour Chase (Deleted)
10. Random Kills (In Full)

- BTS Photos Video Montage (To Music)

- Press Photo/Image Montage (To Music)

- 10 Min Video EPK with Interviews

- BTS Documentary - 55 mins

- Filming At Cage Rage Documentary - 10 Mins

- Trailers x2- Sales Agent & Story Trailer

- MOCK Film festival Intro (with caption into titles)

- EDMD trailer on the DVD (as it was in the film).

- LFD trailer for the DVD

That 55 minute documentary is the one Brother Pete put together that I keep going on about. Even if you have no interest in the film whatsoever, you have to admit that this is going to be an awesome DVD.

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