Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Slightly displaced...

No computer access the last few days as Brother Pete moved in and due to laziness I couldn’t be bothered moving my PC out of the room that is now his until half an hour before he arrived. This then led to me throwing everything randomly into the bedroom and not being able to sort it out until tonight. Things are now sorted, but having the PC in the bedroom does pose a problem for one who writes at midnight (as Andrea, who does not write at midnight, tends to be in bed before then). So I’m experimenting with alternating between the bedroom and using the laptop in the lounge. So far it’s going okay. But so far this blog is all I’ve written.

Also, I’ve never used a laptop before and keep getting distracted by exciting features such as the webcam:

Random stuff – there’s another nice Ten Dead Men review here.

Speaking of which, the UK release has been pushed back to 25th of May now.

For anyone who listens I was co-hosting the AMR movie show again last week which you can download here.

Right, actual work, must do actual work...

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