Thursday, 26 February 2009

German Ten Dead Men review

Babelfish translation of a German review of Ten Dead Men (for anyone with better translation skills the original is here):

'Andy can kill one particularly well - humans. On behalf of Gangsterboss Hardy it kills each and none can it stop. A daily becomes acquainted with he Amy and disappears from the scene, in order to lead a normal life. But a daily stands an old acquaintance before the door and calls a favour in. But it is snatched at the murder by Hardys men. To the punishment they kill its friend and then him - at least all this thought. Heavily wounded it is rinsed to the beach and starts a revenge campaign. All 10 men, who are to have versaut its life to die.

Comment - The film tries into the number of the Revenge films such as Kill Bill or also Shoot ' Em UP to incorporate, is appropriate however for qualitative at least two stages below. Whole history has practically no action. Everything which an action would require, by a nervige off voice explained, all to have more time for the murder and torture scenes. These are accordingly frequently and fortunately also completely different. Who stands thus on brutal murders, can possibly gain from the film such a thing. Then the poor achievement of the actors is also not relevant more so. A further point of criticism are the absolutely unnecessary time leaps. The film begins after the respected murder, shows reviews from its time with Amy and jumps then to their murder, in order to then begin its revenge series. The photographs work by missing depth now sharpness quite flat. Altogether it is worth a view only for fans of murder and force.'

They gave us two skull-and-crossbones out of five - could be worse. At least fans of murder and force in Germany know where to look.


Pete Regan said...

I think it should be retitled to 'Murder Force'

Ross said...

Or Murder Force Action Fun!!!