Thursday, 5 February 2009

Week of awesome things...

Having a really good week so far. Will blog in depth about this stuff when I get chance but to summarise:

1) The rebranded 'Son of Moviebar' on Tuesday night was ace. And our team won the quiz which made it even better (most of the questions were on Dawn of the Dead and Romero...)

2) Saw Amanda Palmer at the Electric Ballroom in Camden last night which was amazing as expected.

3) Got home at about 12.30am to find my region 1 10 Dead Men DVD had arrived which was super exciting. I haven't had time to fully explore the extras yet but I'm impressed with the DVD so far - MTI have certainly put a lot of hard work and effort into it rather than just shoving it on a disc. No hour long doco though - sorry Pete! We have to make sure it's on the UK release.

Am now really behind with various writing things, so if I blog about the above tonight you'll know I'm even more behind. If nothing happens until the weekend you'll know I actually did some work.

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