Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Moving on...

Some stuff worth mentioning...

Justin Richards who organised the Phantasmagoria festival where Ten Dead Men was screened last
July has started up a blog here to help promote the festival and to review cool films. He kicks it off with a review of the excellent Last Man on Earth. Here's the link:


Bookmark it, favourite it, follow the blog, link to it, all of the above - going by Justin's immense and eclectic film collection I predict there will be some cool stuff on there over the coming months.

Also, Andrew Skeates who writes the excellent Cool Target blog has written a review of Ten Dead Men for Far East Films which you can find here:


Final link - if you have yet to read Brother Pete's blog about Slovenian metal band
Laibach I suggest you check it out and watch the videos. They are very strange.

Speaking of Brother Pete we are currently working on two scripts together, although at the moment he's done all the work for one and I'm doing all the work for the other. I can't really say what either of them are, so in the tradition of other blogging writers I will use codewords. Just as all the aliens in Buckaroo Banzai are called John ____ I am going to call all my scripts Jimmy ____. So at the moment I'm working on Jimmy Fight and Jimmy Horror.

Jimmy Fight is at the treatment stage and I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now. I'm still rubbish at predicting my working habits. I'll keep putting things off and struggle through the initial stages for a week, then I'll feel bad and tell whoever's waiting on the script that I'll have it done in like the next day or two in order to make me finish it, then as I'm rushing it through I suddenly realise what the story is about. It happens every single time. And it's okay, it sometimes means changing some of the stuff I've already written, but generally it works out fine as a system. What I could do with changing is all the sitting at my desk staring at a blank page then giving up feeling terrible about it for a week - or if I could at least understand that this was part of the process maybe I could just dispense with the feeling terrible part. Anyway, it's going okay, should finish the treatment tonight all being well.

Pete finished the treatment for Jimmy Horror ages ago and I haven't read it yet cos of working on Jimmy Fight.

He is also moving down to stay with me and Andrea in Brighton soon. Can anyone think of any films where someone moves away from home and they're better off because of it? We were talking on the phone at the weekend and I was trying to compare what he's doing to a film, because I have no real life points of reference for anything anymore, and I can only think of films like Orange County, or Lonesome Jim or even Jersey Girl where people move back to their home towns and don't want to be there, but by the end they decide everything they need is at home and they shouldn't have left in the first place. Let me know if you can think of any.


Anonymous said...

Films where people are better off when they move:

Trainspotting (Renton)
Hallem Foe
Superman I (his planet blows up)
Harry Potter
James and the giant peach (scrapping the barrel)
Shirley Valen... actually I'd prefer it if I didn't know.

reelcitizen said...

I think Luke does pretty well in Star Wars when he leaves Tatooine. Same can be said for Anakin I suppose, although he does eventually become a nasty piece of work.

One film that's always stuck with me is The Station Agent. The main character is looking for solitude and moves to an abandoned train depot but gradually he finds friedship and meaning. I remember it well as I saw it the weekend I moved out of my parents house to a town where I didn't know anyone! Might be an extreme example for your purposes as at least Pete knows you guys before making the leap.

Chris Regan said...

All excellent suggestions, thanks! Good call with Superman and Star Wars guys! I was too preoccupied with inde/small-scale films.

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is Midnight cowboy. . . .
I don't think that helps.

Princess Mononoke. Is that better?

Chris Regan said...

Is Jon Voight better off for leaving home in Midnight Cowboy? I'm really not sure.

David Turner said...


I won't even take my coat off...