Monday, 23 February 2009

Haven't blogged for a whole week...

...and it's not because I've been busy on super-exciting things. So it's the end of February already and so far this year I have not been as productive as I imagined I would be. I've sent one query letter and written a few thousand words of a short story I'm struggling to find the time to finish (but as I keep reminding myself finishing it isn't the point - it's an exercise in freedom writing). Script-wise I've finished one major rewrite and one treatment. I've got three projects at the development stage at present - Jimmy Horror and Jimmy Fight I mentioned briefly before, there's also another horror script, let's call it Jimmy House, on the go. I'm really itching to do some actual script writing but none of them are at that stage just yet.

Briefly on films what I saw this week. I went to see Friday 13th and realised depressingly that there's no point ranting about it as remakes aren't made for me. My main complaint would be that in several decades of the slasher genre no one is doing anything different anymore (except for the
French), but ultimately why should they? The kids we were sitting in the cinema with are never going to see the original, and neither will the generation after them. And they seemed to enjoy it, even the ones who walked out the moment Jason appeared to be dead. This is dangerously close to an old man rant.

Also saw Push which I can't comment on. I went to see it because the premise is very similar to a project I've been working on (let's call it Jimmy Sci-fi, although that's a little misleading) and as a result spent the whole time comparing it to my script. I think mine is different enough to not be rendered completely redundant, which is good news.

If you like making-of documentaries I recommend you get hold of a copy of Mutant Chronicles which features a 107 minute documentary on the making of the film following the entire production from shooting to the epic post-production period. It was filmed and edited by Andrew Mackay who also hosts the AMR Movie show on which I have appeared a couple of times so I am biased, but it is a well-made documentary and much more indepth than most. The film is okay - just very ambitious for its budget.

That's it for now. Potentially very interesting things happening this week so hopefully there will be a more exciting post later on.

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