Thursday, 5 February 2009

Week of Awesome Things Pt. 1: Amanda Palmer & The Danger Ensemble + Detektivbyrån

That spending all night writing thing didn't quite work out. So Andrea and I went to see Amanda Palmer at the Electric Ballroom in Camden last night. I'm posting this one first as it should be relatively quick using visual aids:

Well, not many visual aids as my camera is rubbish, and that's the only picture that came out. So the Danger Ensemble do cool performance arty stuff in the middle of the audience during the songs - that's what's going on in amongst all those heads. They are super cool and it makes the whole thing more interesting visually. The atmosphere last night was loads better than the Brighton gig last October. I wish this wasn't the case, but sometimes, and not often, London is cooler than Brighton.

Luckily, someone with a better camera than me took some cool videos and put them on YouTube, including the best moment of the show:

Full explanation here.

The other super cool thing about last night was the support act Detektivbyrån. Our train was delayed (stupid snow) but luckily we managed to get there in time to catch most of their set. I've been listening to the Wermland album all week - it's excellent music for writing to:

Much like before, I came away very much inspired and wanting to work on things that are nothing to do with the things I should be working on.

Speaking of which...

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