Monday, 16 February 2009

More Ten Dead Men reviews...

It's been a bit review crazy this week.

This one is pretty well thought out:

This is one is pretty random, but I don't think it says anything bad:

This one I posted earlier today, but I'm posting again because it's nice:

This is the greatest film ever made (I haven't seen it but how could it not be?):


reelcitizen said...

Is that Brain from Pinky and the Brain doing the trailer voice? Awesome!

Paul McIntyre said...

That is magnificent! I'm going to attempt to get that for the Paranormal Channel where I work.... SHAKMAAA!!!

Chris Regan said...

Cool, let me know if you find the film. I need to see it!

I think that voice-over guy should do the voiceover on all trailers. I also think every film should feature a shot of a crazy baboon trying to open a door.

gerdarcy said...

Tried to buy it for next Saturday, but it'll be too late.
Its amazon reviewer said it was "the best baboon related horror" film he had ever seen!

I have to find more now.