Saturday, 15 May 2010

Short Film Diary - Week 2...

Bit late with this one, but it was a busy week. Although mostly it involved waiting for casting applications to come in. We ended up posting on four different casting websites as well as asking local organisations like the Brighton Filmmakers Coalition and Theatre Performers in Sussex for help. In the end posting castings in all those different places proved to be quite necessary as we're auditioning at least one or two actors from each source. We had a pretty mixed response - one of the roles in particular generated a huge amount of applications, and surprisingly it wasn't the lead. Presuming everyone can make it we're auditioning a fair amount of people on Saturday so it looks like it's going to be a pretty busy day.

Scheduling is becoming quite tough, in that I can't actually do it at the moment. I'm a bit reluctant to pin down potential crew members about the project until I've got the dates confirmed, which means I need the actors to confirm first. But in hindsight I probably still would've issued the cast and crew call around the same time - I don't like the idea of casting without knowing how you're going to cover the technical side of things. It just means that until next weekend it still feels a bit up in the air.

Had a meeting with a composer which went really well but more on that as it develops.

I'm still tinkering with the script - spent most of Sunday morning going through it and changing odd bits. It's still getting longer, which isn't good. I'm hoping I'll find some stuff to cut out once we get to a readthrough. Also had to adapt the script into audition scenes, which in the end was quite easy but I spent ages trying to adapt the individual characters dialogue into monologues thinking that would work. It didn't. Now we're just using slightly adapted scenes.

Awesome non-short-film stuff:

Watched In a Lonely Place - a film I've been meaning to see for years.

If you haven't seen it you should check it out. It's perfect and heartbreaking and I think it may be up there among my favourites already. Possibly because it's about a writer.

Also found a band called Little White Rabbits Still Bleed Red doing a bizarre cover version of an already quite weird Hansil Adkins song. Which is awesome:

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