Monday, 3 May 2010

Short film - various crew/cast required...

So I mentioned about a month ago that I'd written a short film script and I'm now planning on filming it over the next couple of months. At the moment my wife is producing and my two brothers are on board, but I'm going to need a few more people.

The film is a horror comedy about a witch trying to help her flatmate who came across a monkey's paw and now needs to undo some very bad wishes.

It's called Jenny Ringo and the Monkey's Paw.

At the moment I don't have anything, hence the rather long list below. I will be posting a more detailed list of requirements on Shooting People and Talent Circle as well as hopefully calling in some favours, but for the moment I thought I'd post a list here in case anyone is interested in getting involved. There are a couple of smaller parts and there probably will be some more crew positions once I get a bit more organised.

My only real condition at the moment is that in the first instance I'm going to be focusing on looking for a Brighton-based cast and crew.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project, or just want to know a bit more about it please e-mail me at

So here's what I need:


1) Director of Photography

2) Sound Recordist

3) Make-up Artist


1) Jenny - 20-25, goth, funny, casual

2) Gavin - 20-25, stoner, dippy, lovable

3) Jeff - 20-30, handsome, smooth, plastic

4) Candy - 20-30, handsome, smooth, plastic

Provisional dates:

Auditions - 22nd of May (and possibly another date tbc)
First shoot - 19th & 20th June
Second shoot - 3rd & 4th July (and probably another one in between)

I'll be posting updates here as I go along. That way if it all goes horribly wrong it will at least make interesting reading. Here's hoping for a good film and rather dull blog.

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