Monday, 10 May 2010

Why horror films are awesome (by way of ranting about a remake)...

Listened to this today and had to post it here. This is Mark Kermode reviewing the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Ignoring the stuff about the film (which I haven't seen yet so no comment), this is a brilliant summary of eighties horror films and makes a good case for those films being considered as art rather than trash:

Something else I can recommend is the epic two-and-a-half hour making-of documentary on Rob Zombie's best film, The Devil's Rejects, which Brother Pete has been recommending to me for ages. It starts in a production office and goes right the way through to the end of production, or at least I assume it does but I haven't finished it yet. I've kind of gone off DVD extras and making-ofs in recent years - after you've seen a few they start to all seem the same and few really show you what actually happens. This one does, and is pretty honest about the mistakes they made as well as the things they got right.

Been going through actors for the short today, but more on that at the weekend.

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