Thursday, 21 February 2008

Dark Future Trailer is GO!

Had some fantastic news today. I got a call from Glenn who's directing the zombie project I wrote last year and he and Ross finally got down to editing the trailer today! Yes, I do recall writing the same thing about a month ago, but this time it actually happened! The visual cut is finished, but there's some ADR, grading and music to be done so it's still a while off. But the main thing is the project seems to be starting up again. Of all the things I'm working on at the moment I think that's the one I've enjoyed writing the most and the script is very nearly at final draft stage. Also, if the trailer is finished on time it will get it's big screen premiere in front of Ten Dead Men!

Now I just need someone to put it on IMDB so I can be level with Chris Regan (IV)...

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