Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Interviewed for 10DM DVD extras...

I was supposed to be recording the commentary track for Ten Dead Men today, but unfortunately we didn't have the studio for enough time to be able to do it. Luckily there was half an hour to record some interview footage for the making-of documentary my brother is editing. Pete has been waiting for some interviews to help break-up the raw footage for months so it's great to finally get that done. And I managed to have my say as well although I'm not sure how it looked - I'd come straight from work and wasn't expecting to be on camera!

Anyway, I did get to say a couple of the things I thought were important to mention about my part in the process - about my influences and the parts of the script I felt really worked in the finished film. Ross is still planning to do another commentary track at some stage (he did finish one today with Brendan) so hopefully I'll be able to get involved with that one. But if not I'm happy that at least my face will appear somewhere on the behind the scenes footage, hopefully saying something vaguely intelligent, as whenever I was on set I was either holding the camera or hiding from it!

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