Friday, 1 February 2008

Suddenly very busy!

To be honest I've not really been too busy since Christmas. I've done a couple of rough treatments, added to some idea lists, but most of my free time has been divided between watching Masters of Horror and Playstation. That ends this weekend.

First there's a lot more work to do on Ten Dead Men. Yes, that's the feature film that's finished, but in the run up to Cannes and attempting to get the film distributed Phil and Ross need a few bits of extra material. For example, I never actually wrote a synopsis, and if I had the script has changed so much since I started I would have to write a new one anyway. On top of that, they also want to take as many new projects along with them as they can, one of which is a finished draft of the first script I ever worked on for Phil & Ross, Brutal (a contemporary revenge western which I was really happy with, if only because it was my first attempt at writing American characters - I gave it to an American ex-girlfriend to proof read and she hated the script but said the dialogue was authentic which is good enough for me!). Brutal is fine as it is, but another script I said I'd write for them, Vicious Circle, is still in the development stages. Thankfully, Phil has put the serial killer film on hold while I work on the Vicious Circle draft so that gives me a bit more room. I also think taking a break from the serial killer film will really help when I come back to it. So that's Ten Dead Men and Vicious Circle - some more work to a script I thought I was finished with and an almost completely new project to be completed in a relatively short space of time.

Then there's Hit the Big Time - I was taking this one easy, just sitting back and letting the ideas come while JC and co. finished the short film. And the ideas were coming, slowly. Today I got a call from JC asking if I could get a treatment done in the next week or so, the reason being they want to submit it to a competition for funding and the deadline is Feb 22nd. A 5-10 page treatment isn't too much work, it just means I'm going to have to really pick up the pace with this one.

And finally, there's the two-minute horror film I mentioned in my last post, which has turned into two films now. More on that as it develops.

So that's what I'm up to this weekend - I suppose I should stop going on about it and get some work done!

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