Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hit the Big Time on IMDB

Hit the Big Time now has an entry on IMDB:

This means Chris Regan (V) (that's me!) now has two IMDB credits:

One more and I'll be tied with actor Chris Regan (IV) who has three credits! I doubt I'll ever do as well as Chris Regan (II) who writes for The Daily Show and I've got no hope of beating Chris Regan (I) who's been color timing since the dawn of film. The big question of course is whatever happened to Chris Regan (III)? He doesn't seem to exist, so I wonder if I do get more entries than Chris Regan (IV), will I become Chris Regan (III)? Or will we all wake up in a village guarded by balloons one day asking 'Who is Number 3?'

Speaking of Hit the Big Time I've spent the last three evenings working on the feature treatment and have finally sent it along to the guys, hopefully in time for the funding application. It's far from perfect, but I didn't really have time to develop it properly so it will have to do. And despite not being polished I think the treatment clearly shows that the project has a lot of potential for character and story development. Anyway, it's far too much work for a project where I'm credited as one of four writers - something I'm debating over whether to raise before I start writing the feature script. I'm happy to let it stand for the short, but ultimately I'm not sure how much being one of four writers is going to help my career. And yes, that probably makes me sound like a credit-grabbing ego-maniac, but when you're talking about a good few months of work that I could be spending on a script for someone who is going to give me full writer's credit, it's a bit annoying...I think this is the first time in my career when I've actually thought having an agent may not be such a bad idea!

Other annoying news - the continuity script I did for Ten Dead Men isn't finished. Apparently I was supposed to timecode every line of dialogue and put in more detailed scene descriptions. Actually, I sort of knew that when I started, but it was so much work already I was hoping I'd get away without doing it. And to be fair I've been told what I've done is probably okay, as long as I can guarantee that every line in the script is 100% accurate. I think I can probably guarantee it's about 99% accurate, which means I've got to go through and check and since I'm doing that I may as well put in the extra timecodes and scene descriptions. Luckily the deadline isn't so strict this time so I've got a couple of weeks to do it.

Incidentally, I found out what the continuity script is for now - it's for putting subititles on the film. So it really does have to be 100% accurate!

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