Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Dark Room

I'm a bit drunk after a night of networking and possibly having my first feature script optioned so what better time to share the first ten pages of my action-horror Roadhouse meets Nightbreed epic with the world. At the moment the purpose of this is mainly to prove that all this time I was blogging about writing I was actually writing something and to get feedback on said ten pages of something. If you do read it and make it to the end and would like to leave me feedback feel free to e-mail me at:


Or leave the feedback in the comments. Negative feedback is okay, but if it's mean I may delete it.

Anyway, here is the first ten pages of the script in Word, Final Draft and PDF formats:

The finished draft of the script isn't properly finished yet, but if you read the ten pages and would like to read more send me an e-mail letting me know who you are and what you thought and I'll add you to the list of people I'm going to send the full draft to. When I finish it. Which will be soon.

Morning after edit: As drunk blog posts go I'm quite impressed. Yes, I sound like a bit of an arse at the beginning and to be honest I didn't do much networking last night beyond rambling to random people about random films (although I did find a pocket full of business cards this morning so it can't have been all bad). However, I did manage to upload the script in three different formats and they all work (I think). In my excitement I may also have e-mailed the ten pages to some random people so apologies if you received a rambling e-mail. But the fact is that if I hadn't posted it last night I probably would've put it off for ages so I think it turned out alright.


geraint said...

Where's the rest? I need the rest. I'm good for it. I'll give you my arm from the elbow down. The right one! My writing arm. . .

Chris Regan said...

I was supposed to finish the draft tonight but caught up with Dead Set instead! It's almost there - it's finished as in it's 100 pages but needs some work before I show it anyone. I will hopefully get it done this weekend.