Saturday, 11 October 2008

Minor badness...

First off my throat's gone weird which probably means I'm getting Andrea's cold.

Secondly, there was supposed to be another Ten Dead Men screening in Brighton this month but it has been inexplicably cancelled. Or postponed. Not sure exactly which yet, but it's annoying anyway as I'd told people about it and some people had rearranged plans and stuff. Rubbish.

The Dark Room has hit a decidedly bad patch. The last ten pages I wrote were all set in a kitchen. It may need more work, but for the moment I just want to finish the thing as I have other stuff to get on with.

There is some good news, although not writing related.  I saw In Bruges last night and really liked it. It was teetering on the edge of becoming one of those films where so many people had told me it was amazing that I found it impossible to enjoy, but luckily although I felt it lost its way a bit in the middle the ending won me over. So go watch it, but pretend I'm not one of those people telling you it's brilliant. In fact, pretend I'm telling you it's really average and then you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also bought tickets to see Dr. John which I'm really excited about. Dr. John played at my university in my first year but I didn't go because despite being a huge fan I'd spent all my money for that year on beer and cigarettes. This is something I always regretted, especially since I presumed he had died. I think I thought this because a few people I did see at university (Joe Strummer, Ian Dury, Joseph Heller) did die shortly after me seeing them, so I guess I presumed Dr. John died as well making the fact that I didn't go see him even more tragic. But he's not dead, he's in Brighton the week after next and I'm going to see him!

On a random note, I was convinced I'd seen Warren Ellis on my way to work this morning. I have seen Warren Ellis in the flesh before, so have some grounds for recognising him. However, I can find no reference to Warren Ellis being in Brighton this week and it's not mentioned on his blog so I am probably mistaken. How interesting was that?

Speaking of blogs, it's about time I added Warren Ellis to the list since I check his blog regularly, although there's usually too much interesting stuff to keep up with.

I have also added Amanda Palmer's blog even though it has nothing to do with writing, but she is very cool.

I foolishly agreed to go into work tomorrow which is no good, so unlikely to do much writing as we are doing fun stuff in the evening. That leaves Sunday to finish the script. I'm 70 pages in and have stopped at a point where I have a major dilemma about where to go next. I'll let you know how it goes.

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