Thursday, 2 October 2008

Podcast disaster...

So I recorded the fourth episode of my podcast last night only to find that the free file hosting website I was using has conveniently deleted my account and removed all my files. Nice. The reason for this is apparently because it's been inactive for 45 days, which can't be true seeing as I uploaded the last episode at the end of August. So I panicked a bit, tried to find a new file host, then gave up and decided to upload all the files onto a new account on the old host so all the links would be the same. By then it was late and the little man who runs my computer was tired so it was taking forever to upload the first episode. So I gave up.

What I've decided is I'll upload the fourth episode that I recorded last night but then I might give it a rest for a while. Not saying I'm giving it up completely, but it takes up time I can't really justify anyway so when there are technical difficulties on top of that it makes it even worse. The blog however I can update on lunch breaks so that's not so much of a problem.

A few other things contributed to this decision. One is blog posts like this one where I talk about podcasting which isn't the most interesting subject in the world. Also, I was complaining in the podcast about not having enough time to write the script I wanted to write. The irony of this suddenly became painfully obvious.

Then there was this post on Phillip Barron's blog:

I have written 5 features this year so I don't have to feel too guilty (maybe I can get a badge or a special hat?), but I still haven't written the feature I want to write and I am seriously in danger of becoming that person who talks about writing instead of doing any. Have I got enough experience to justify doing that? No, not really.

Speaking of that elusive super-script (not that I'm setting my sights too high or anything) my notes are reaching critical mass. There's one fairly pivotal scene that has about ten pages of notes already and it's only supposed to be 2 pages long in the script. But I have now figured out a) a major plot point and b) a way for the ending to make sense. So I think I'm ready to get going with it again, only for various social reasons I can't start until Sunday now.

Random unrelated film news, I watched The Orphanage last night which was cool. It wasn't quite the film I wanted it to be, and I thought Dark Water dealt with a similar story much better, but it did have a lot of excellent moments and was very well produced overall. Definitely worth a watch.

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