Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Doing the 'finished the first draft' dance...

Finished the first draft of my tell-it-all script The Dark Room tonight. It came in at 98 pages which isn't bad. It definitely needs some work, but at least it's finished and I can put it to one side for a bit and hopefully come back to it with fresh eyes in a week or so. Overall I'm really happy with it - it's probably been the most difficult script I've written to date but, contrary to what I might have said about second drafts in the past, I think in this case it was the first draft that was the hardest and now that's done the rest should be a bit easier. Or so I'll keep telling myself.

I always want to celebrate when I've finished the first draft of a script, have a drink and a smoke like James Caan in Misery, but given that it's half-twelve on a school night and there's not a drop of alcohol in the house I'll have to save my celebrations for the weekend. By which time I might have read back through the script and not be feeling so good about it. Maybe I will just ban myself from reading back over any of it for at least a week. I'll see how it goes - I am also eager to have a couple of people read it as soon as possible and it needs to be in way better shape before I can do that.

Completely missed this before, but there are a load of new Ten Dead Men videos on YouTube. Some are quite pointless (I'm really not sure why you'd want to watch the end credits of the film, unless you're in them, like me, and even I think it seems a bit pointless) and most if not all will be on the DVD which you're obviously all going to buy when it comes out. But if you want to see my actual face doing some actual talking I'm in the EPK (although it's not as good as the hour long documentary Brother Pete did, currently showing on some random TV channel in Ireland):

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