Thursday, 30 October 2008


This is barely worth a blog post but it was on imdb news today and made me laugh (the funny part is in italics in case it's just me that finds this weird):

'Dreyfuss Says W. Made Bush "Shockingly Empathetic"

29 October 2008 2:30 AM, PDT

Richard Dreyfuss, who portrays Vice President Cheney in Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic W., has faulted the film for making the president appear "shockingly empathetic." Appearing on ABC's The View Tuesday, Dreyfuss made it clear that he was unhappy working with Stone on the film, despite the fact that he and the director share similar political views. "You can be a fascist even when you're on the left," Dreyfuss remarked. W., he maintained, was only "6/8 of a good film." (It was not clear why he represented the fraction in eighths.) What was missing he said, was "us -- because we were all terrified of our own president." For that reason, he added, "I question whether the film will have any historic legs."'

I like the idea of some poor imdb researcher being really bothered that Dreyfuss rated the film in eighths. So bothered, in fact, that he thought the rest of the world would be perturbed by this strange method of rating films and felt it necessary to include the disclaimer.

I think Richard Dreyfuss should start his own review site where he rates everything out of 8. Not just films - everything.


Ross said...

Also isn't six eighths actually just three quarters??? he's gonna need a bigger calculator.

gerdarcy said...

I agree with him twelve sixteenths of the time.