Sunday, 5 April 2009

About that...

So the rewrite I was enjoying because it was hard work has now become much less enjoyable. I finished the rewrite, but it didn't work at all and ended up with one of he characters basically being cut instead of merged into the other one. I've got a better idea of how to make it work now, but my aim to finish it this weekend is looking less likely.

Meanwhile, there is another really good Ten Dead Men review here, which says some nice things about the script:

'All this would be a frankly tedious sequence of one fight after another - simultaneously violent and picaresque - if the film was told in chronological order. But where the script by Brighton-based Chris Regan (working from Boyask and Hobden’s story) works brilliantly is in chopping up the tale and mixing it with slices of earlier events so that we only learn why this is happening as we’re watching it happen. Cause and effect bundled together into one remarkably coherent and logical plot.

Not that the viewer could necessarily work out precisely what is going on without a little help. Hence the drily detached narration by Doug Bradley - which at first seems, as narration invariably does, tacked-on and gratuitous. As the film progresses, as we start to realise which bits of the story happened before or after other bits (including, later, some bits which we saw out of context at the start), Bradley’s narration becomes not only worthwhile but indispensable.'


Anonymous said...

That is a really good review. Probably the the most logical and well written one yet.

Chris Regan said...

Yeah, the amount of good reviews we've had now has got me more excited about the UK release, although I'm sure we'll get some harsh ones again too.