Tuesday, 28 April 2009

End of the Pier screening...

So the End of the Pier festival screening went ahead last night to an audience of around 15 people. More had intended to come, but there had been problems with the trains all day meaning that some people physically couldn't get there in time (I almost didn't make it from Brighton!) plus the bad weather didn't help. The Gods were against us last night. Still, I'm really grateful to the people who did make it to the screening and it was great to see Ten Dead Men in a cinema one last time. Some of the scenes, particularly the Wembley sequence and the final action scene, work really well on a big screen too.

And if you really really wanted to see the film but couldn't make the screening for whatever reason remember the UK DVD release is less than a month away now! You can pre-order it here.

I do have to apologise to Kely McLung who had come over from the States to show his film Blood Ties only for me to leave after my film finished and take the majority of the audience with me. I am definitely going to indie film-maker hell for not supporting fellow artists, but to go partway towards making up for it here's the trailer for Kely's film:

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