Monday, 13 April 2009

Everything and nothing... kind of what my workload feels like at the moment. If I make a list of everything I could be working on it's huge. But if I make a list of things I need to do right now, it's kind of short. I'm sort of getting ideas and pitches together for Cannes, which actually isn't that far off.

I did mange to finish off the new draft of Dark Future which ended up being two new drafts instead of one - first time I've had to do that, but I guess that's what comes of thinking something will be easy and not planning ahead. Or just a necessary part of the process. Anyway, it's on draft five now which will hopefully be it for the time being. There is a website being constructed at the moment so hopefully I'll be able to reveal a bit more about that project shortly.

I also finally got a new phone after having my old one for eight years. This was mainly due to needing one that would work abroad. I miss my old phone already. It was chunky and had been dropped more times than I can remember without ever being permanently damaged. And it had a Spider-Man cover which was ace.

My new phone looks like it would probably smash into a thousand pieces if I dropped it. My old phone also didn't do anything except make calls and send texts, and it did both those things very well. My new one does lots of things I never thought I needed a phone to do and am still not sure I do. Ultimately I think my real problem is with the idea of mobile phones themselves rather than my new phone. I'm still a phonophobe at heart (or is that a fear of sound?) - I've never been comfortable with the idea of people being able to get in touch with me whenever they want to. And I kind of miss the days when people used to just turn up to meetings on time rather than call to let you know they were going to be late, and real life conversations didn't have to be put on hold the moment someone else calls.

Still, at least I can do all the things that will help me out of a supernatural thriller situation, as described here. And I can have the Hawk the Slayer theme as my ringtone which has yet to get annoying.

Went to see Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy last night out which was ace - a proper ROCK gig. We went right to the front which I haven't done for ages and I now can't hear anything.

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