Sunday, 26 April 2009

What creature is this?

Just got back from Birmingham. Went to Packwood House in Warwickshire which is a National Trust place that pretends to have been built in the 1600s when most of it was actually added by a looney rich bloke in the 1920s. Anyway, there was an area for kids offering various pictures to colour in, including this:

Obviously I haven't coloured it in yet but I wanted to establish what it was first, in case I invoke the wrath of some long-forgotten Elder God in the process by mistake. Brother Pete suggested that it's either a Basilisk or a Cockatrice - I thought they were the same thing and have never really known what either of those are anyway. And whatever it is, I'm still not sure what it was doing in a National Trust house - perhaps the National Trust was originally founded by a race of mythical creatures ? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

It's definitely a cockatrice. Which is to say that it is a more cockerel type of basilisk, which is usually meant to be more swan like. They both kill with a look and the snaky swanny ones are more middle europe.
The chicken ones are clearly brum. You can tell from its general yammy air.
I reckon the head should be sparkly when you colour it in.

Chris Regan said...

Thank you for your mythical creature knowledge - I will tell Brother Pete he was right. Maybe I should actually colour it in and post it back here, Hart Beat style.

Anonymous said...

Chris Regan, age 8

(it has to play the music when you click on it)